The Fundamental Issues in Science

Frank Ruffino
3 min readOct 25, 2020

Outside of the actual “science”, the field of science itself has some issues that are to be considered, as they really impact the way in which the general public perceives it. The stereotypes have been reinforced throughout the years, really making some of the issues concrete. When delivering a speech regarding the racial issues present in science, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein puts it best in her statement, “…science is a social phenmoenon, with problems of its own to solve”. In her speech, she provides personal anecdotes coupled with true fact, effectively helping the audience to understand the issues with race and equality within science. By walking the audience through her academic life, and discussing the problems in which others face, it quickly becomes apparent that there are inequalities that not only directly harm ones chances at being successful, but more significantly some mental problems that come with the inequalities, which also disadvantage the individual. With this, she questions how science is to focus their attention solely on things like space and the dark abyss when here on Earth everything isn’t even quite right.

David Kirby also expolores issues within science, from more of a technical standpoint. He discusses how the way in which science is portrayed to society paints a picture that isn’t representative, and isn’t how individuals should view the field. This, he seems to believe, proviedes an essentially inevitable opportunity for society to understand some trial and error to be failure. More specifically he claims that, “… an overdose of wonder can lead to disillusionment when science inevitably proves to be fallible. Reverence, rather than appreciation, for science leads to situations like the on in Italy in 2012 where six scientists were put in jail because their scientific predictions turned out to be incorrect”. In the end he discusses the benefits of appreciation, but also expresses a lack of faith in the ability of us to make these changes.

I personally feel that there are some fundamental issues surrounding the field of science. These issues may not be entirely our fault, as they can kind of be blamed on the past habits, and those habits being interlocked in the field, and thus instilled in our minds. Regardless of how, there is improvements to be made that will be beneficial for all, and two of which are proposed by the aforementioned authors. In other words, I agree with the issues presented and beleive speeches and writings like so are important for society to come to these realizations. And this concept ties in well with what Bucchi spoke of in his writing. The overall presentation and communication process of science from private to public is important and currently faulty. The result of this is an overall misconception of what the field entails, and the knowledge it requires. As a whole, the presence of these underlying issues has created too much misconception, which can, does, and will pose additional issues to come if changes are not made.